• From The Pit to The Palace

In this journey called life, we go through highs and lows, challenges and victories, joyful and sad situations. But our God remains the One who has a great plan for our lives. Circumstances do not change the plan of God, we either follow His plan or go our own way, but He remains faithful to His promises.
As you read this book, remember:

  • It took more than 20 years for Abraham to have his promised heir, Isaac
  • It took over 400 years for the Israelites to be freed from slavery in Egypt
  • It took many years for David to sit comfortably on his throne
  • It took 38 years for the man at the pool of Bethesda to be healed
  • It took 12 years for the woman with the issue of blood to be delivered
  • It took all his life for blind Bartimaeus to see light for the first time
  • It took Jesus 33 years to fulfill the word and become the Saviour through His blood.

The storyline is based on Joseph, son of Jacob and follows his journey from the pit to the palace. See how his different experiences illustrate perseverance, courage and temptation and understand what it took for him to become second in command in Egypt after the Pharaoh following a stint in a pit, years in slavery, years in prison and the rest of his life in the palace.

“I’m sure many readers will “see themselves” in this story and find comfort in the good message the author shares with us.”

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From The Pit to The Palace

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